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Shared Web Hosting Service:

Interested in getting Shared Web Hosting at a cheap price. Then you are at the right place. This is Expert Web Design Company, a notable Web Hosting Company in Pakistan. Besides, we offer the services of web development and designing, software creation and integration, and the graphic designing. We are one of the renowned web developers in Pakistan. And along with that, we are even renowned for our Shared Web Hosting Services.

We have too many plans that would your organization. Whether you are a businessman, running a school or the Medical Superintendent in a Hospital, our plans would suit your needs. We offer a variety of options for the web hosting that could suit your website requirements. Further, our equipment is enough strong to host your site comfortably. And there is never a time when your site goes down. What else you need? We have expert tech staff that takes care of the performance of our servers. And if you have any query you can ask them directly.


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Well, this is not all. A Shared Web Hosting service is already quite cheap. But here at Expert Web Design Company, we have set examples of providing affordable and economical services to our clients. We have set up the rates that would suit your concern. Moreover, we even offer customized rates that are adjusted as per your requirement. You just have to pay for all that you acquire. On top of that, we offer the cheapest rates. You can compare our offerings to the rest of the companies in the market. And precisely, you will find us the best among all of them.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Did you get your website developed over WordPress and are worried about its management? Then we have the solution for you. We are not just the web developers and designers, we even are a Web Hosting Company in Pakistan. Our WordPress expert can help you get the desired results. They have the complete command on development, designing, uploads, hosting, maintenance, stability and security of the WordPress hosting. Indeed, we have the ideal methods to host your WordPress site and manage it through all the thick and thins of the competition.

This all begins with the standard hosting of the WordPress website. We have varied plans and strategies to host your website. Further, our equipment is strong enough to keep your site reliable to all the situations. Well, once the website is hosted, our WordPress experts begin to manage it. They commence from the design of the website, content on it and the profiles to be maintained. They help you create the profiles for your site managers so that they bring up the content for your site. Further, they improvise through the competition. They make the necessary changes that can help you attain a better position in the competition.

Well, how much would be the price for these services? In a way, it would not be wrong to say that these are priceless. As we offer the most competitive and compelling rates in the market. You will find us the best among the rest. This is how we are not only the experts of hosting, we even are the experts of cost-cutting techniques.