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Online School Information System

School Information Software

Along with the medical sciences, we even have our roots strengthened in the education sector. Actually, we want the medical and educational departments in Pakistan to deliver the best they can so that our nation could develop and prosper. Well, we are not just an ordinary Software Development Company in Pakistan, instead, we are the Experts.

Online and Offline Student Portal:

It is database solution that keeps the record of the students aligned at one place. It is an online and offline solution that could be accessed and stored. It provides all the basic information regarding the credentials, details, and performance of a student. Further, it is helpful for the management to get the information about any certain student. Instead of scrolling the pages of a register, it is an easy way to just type the name in and get the details of that student.

Some of the creations are described below:


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Manage Your Educational Institute Through Our School ERP Software

eLearning Software

Advance the education deliverance with the resonant eLearning software.

Fees Management

Let the parents have command on fees with school software in Pakistan.

Student Portal

Keep everything transparent for students and parents with the student portal.

Library Management System:

It is one of our most handy creation that is appreciated by a number of educational institutes. It is a complete library database that keeps the record of all the books in the library, the issuers and the borrowers. Our Library Management System has removed the need for the registers and pens to keep all such records. In a way, it is a cost-cutting technology for which you just need the budget once. Further, it is quite affordable than the prebuilt systems in the market. And along with that, there are a number of customizations available for it.

Record / Billing Management System:

This module has been developed for the parents as well as the management of the educational institutes. It gives the basic credentials of a student and provides the information regarding the fee details. The management of the institute can put in the information so that the parents could see it. Every detail of the fee is clarified separately so that the parents should not get any ambiguity about the fee. Moreover, it keeps this information stored until it is removed.

Student Progress Monitoring System:

Parents are usually concerned about the performance of their children. But due to lack of communication, they are unable to know that where their child is standing. For that, we have introduced the Student Progress Monitoring System that would never let the parents stay ignorant about their child. It is a comprehensive report that could tell the parents about their child’s performance, grooming and progress. So that they could take necessary steps accordingly.

Assessment Application:

The computer-based assessment is getting involved in the education system. A number of educational institutes have switched to the CBA. In that view, we have introduced the assessment application system that enables the educational institutes to take the exam and other assessments online and offline. Well, in a way, it is the quick mode of performing assessments. And the teachers could even get assistance while marking the assessments. It is indeed one of the flowers from the IT sector for the educational institutes.


Expert Scool Management Software Key Features:

Core Modules
  • Courses and Batches
  • Human Resources
  • Student Attendance
  • Timetable
  • Examination
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Student Admission
  • News Management
  • User Management
  • Institute/Event Calendar
  • Finance
  • Student Information
  • Student/Parent Login
  • Employee/Teacher Login
  • Messaging System
  • Report Center
  • Custom Student Remarks
  • SMS integration

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