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The medical and healthcare sciences development is truly based on the research of biological matters. But along with that the IT even plays a major role in the development of this science. Certainly, the IT has become essential for the medical and healthcare sciences.

The Expert Web Design Company offers various IT services. We are a web developer and the software integrator at the same time. We are rated among those companies that offered the best IT solutions for the medical sciences in Pakistan. Our solutions are not just utilized in Pakistan, instead, they are notable globally.

Indeed, we are a well-versed software development company in Pakistan.

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Hospital Management System:

This is one of our notable projects. It is a complete software that can help the hospital management to take care of their operations flawlessly. The system incorporates different sectors that not only deals with the managerial affairs of a hospital. Instead, it even carries a database for the patients where the history of patients could be stored. It notifies the management about the performance of a certain task, shift management and even helps the Payroll department in releasing remunerations. While for the medical team, it helps them to learn about the history of a patient, patient’s last visit to the hospital, medical condition and the ongoing treatment.

CME / Symposium Management System:

The CME (Conference Management System) or the Symposium Management System is one of our award-winning projects. It is the only type of integration offered in Pakistan. And even it is the first type of a system that assisted the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre in organizing its annual Symposium. This CME is a combination of the Webinars and the Seminars. Like it helps the event managers to get the registration, forms, and fee online. Well, this has become common. But our system can even track the attendance itself. No paperwork is required to manage a system. And at the end, it even accredits the event. Well, this is one of the finest examples event management that could be set forth by the experts only.

Accident and Emergency Software:

We have tried our best in making the healthcare facility better in Pakistan. Our next notable example in the Accident and Emergency software. It is an integration that helps the hospital management to keep the record of the patients admitted in case of an accident and emergency. It keeps the record of all the details of the patient, like:

  • Basic Credentials
  • Brief of mishap
  • Care-of Department
  • Treatment

And some other details.

Out and Inpatient Management System or Record Management System:

It is a softer detail of the Hospital management software. That is a complete full-length integration. But this module takes care of only the admitted and departing patients. Generally, it is a database module that is helpful in keeping the record of the patients. In a way, it is a method to get free from the black and white vulnerable data management.