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The medical and healthcare sciences development is truly based on the research of biological matters. But along with that the IT even plays a major role in the development of this science. Certainly, the IT has become essential for the medical and healthcare sciences.

The Expert Web Design Company offers various IT services. We are a web developer and the software integrator at the same time. We are rated among those companies that offered the best IT solutions for the medical sciences in Pakistan. Our solutions are not just utilized in Pakistan, instead, they are notable globally.

Indeed, we are a well-versed software development company in Pakistan.

Inpatient Outpatient Management

Casualty & Emergency Management System

Laboratory Information System

Admission, Transfer, Discharge (ADT)

Hospital Management System:

This is one of our notable projects. It is a complete software that can help the hospital management to take care of their operations flawlessly. The system incorporates different sectors that not only deals with the managerial affairs of a hospital. Instead, it even carries a database for the patients where the history of patients could be stored. It notifies the management about the performance of a certain task, shift management and even helps the Payroll department in releasing remunerations. While for the medical team, it helps them to learn about the history of a patient, patient’s last visit to the hospital, medical condition and the ongoing treatment.

CME / Symposium Management System:

The CME (Conference Management System) or the Symposium Management System is one of our award-winning projects. It is the only type of integration offered in Pakistan. And even it is the first type of a system that assisted the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre in organizing its annual Symposium. This CME is a combination of the Webinars and the Seminars. Like it helps the event managers to get the registration, forms, and fee online. Well, this has become common. But our system can even track the attendance itself. No paperwork is required to manage a system. And at the end, it even accredits the event. Well, this is one of the finest examples event management that could be set forth by the experts only.

Accident and Emergency Software:

We have tried our best in making the healthcare facility better in Pakistan. Our next notable example in the Accident and Emergency software. It is an integration that helps the hospital management to keep the record of the patients admitted in case of an accident and emergency. It keeps the record of all the details of the patient, like:

  • Basic Credentials
  • Brief of mishap
  • Care-of Department
  • Treatment

And some other details.

Out and Inpatient Management System or Record Management System:

It is a softer detail of the Hospital management software. That is a complete full-length integration. But this module takes care of only the admitted and departing patients. Generally, it is a database module that is helpful in keeping the record of the patients. In a way, it is a method to get free from the black and white vulnerable data management.


Information Desk Module
This module deals with all types of enquiries received in regard to the hospital and in regard to the patients who are admitted or registered.

Salient Features Include:

  • Patient enquiry
  • Appointments enquiry
  • Investigation appointment enquiry
  • Consultants enquiry
  • Investigation enquiry
  • In-patient enquiry
  • Tariff information
  • Packages information
  • Estimates
  • Visitor pass management
Patient Registration Module
This module registers patient details based on general and demographic information. Patients are allocated a Unique Health Identification Number (UHID) and discount cards at the time of registration.

Salient Features Include:

  • Detailed information of patients
  • Mandatory fields for crucial patient information
  • Alerts in place to prevent erroneous data entry
  • Generates Smart Card with Unique Health Identification Number (UHID)
  • Advanced multi-criteria search for registered patients
  • RFID wrist band generation
  • Provision for recording sponsor, insurance and medical tourism details
Outpatient Management Module
This module deals with recording the patients’ basic medical treatment details and depends on other modules for acquiring their registration details, booking appointments for consultation, test appointments, report viewing etc.

Salient Features Include:

  • Dashboards for patients activity/sponsor activity
  • Dashboards for user activity
  • Dashboard for advances/payments/refunds etc
  • UHID creation/merging/activation
  • Schedules for doctors
  • Patient evaluation
  • Diagnosis
  • Lab orders
  • Medication orders
  • Procedure orders
  • Cross referral
  • Data reports on user activity/patient activity/doctor activity
  • Reports on OPD/patient count/service billing/revenue
Inpatient Management Module
This module commences when the patient is being registered and allotted a bed in the ward. It deals with the complete treatment and services provided to the patient during his/her stay in the hospital.

Salient Features Include:

  • Conversion from OP to IP
  • Standards registration process
  • Bed allotment
  • Inter-departmental consultation
  • Bed transfers
  • Requisition of drugs and consumables from the pharmacy
  • Raising investigations and report viewing
  • Maintenance of billing sheets for patients
  • Dashboard for patient access
  • Dashboard for billing activities/audit
  • Dashboard for quick links (counts, revenue, discount etc)
  • Discharge summary
Pharmacy Information System
This module deals with the retail sale of medicines to general customers & OPD patients, and issue of medicines to the in-patients in the hospital. Its functions include online drug prescription and inventory management and billing of drugs, surgical and consumables.

Salient Features Include:

  • Provides a comprehensive online list of available drugs for the doctors
  • Displays alternative drugs for the non available drugs
  • Supports interfacing with drug databases
  • Auto-generation of alerts when minimum stock levels are reached
  • Online requisition for stock order from the main store
  • Provision to manage consignment items
  • Barcode/RFID for the items
  • Can be interfaced with Pneumatic tube for dispatch
  • Drug allergy alerts
Admission, Transfer, Discharge (ADT)
BLUE PULSE HMS offers another integral module on ADT or In-patient Admission Transfer Discharge. This module seamlessly takes care of admission, discharge and the transfer processes of patients. It enables the search on availability and manages the allocation of a bed, ward, and room to a patient according to the availability or cost associated and thereby manages the transfers. It takes care that the appropriate discharge processes are followed and also ensures that a comprehensive discharge summary is generated at the end.

Salient Features Include:

  • Comprehensive form for collection of precise data regarding the patient
  • Thorough evaluation of the patient condition
  • Recording the doctors and nursing notes for further management
  • Processing orders in real time to the respective departments
  • Managing the billing process
  • Managing the payments done by third parties
  • Bed and ward allocation and transfer
  • E-prescribing of the medications
  • Final billing and settlements
  • Clinical packages management
Patient Care Module
Births and Deaths Registration Module:

This module provides the registration of births and deaths, accurate birth and death certificates, handling of birth and death registers management and generation of statistical reports, updated in real time.

The Birth Registration Module includes:

  • Registration of birth data for a newborn
  • Generation of an ID number when registering a newborn
  • Registration of family relationships
  • Printing of accurate, secured birth certificates
  • Providing statistical information

The Death Registration Module includes:

  • Registration of death data for a deceased person
  • Printing of accurate and secured death certificates
Laboratory Information System
This module is used by the pathology lab to record and disseminate the information regarding the tests performed. The laboratory department receives online orders from doctors and also allows laboratory personnel to generate requests.

Salient Features Include:

  • Service and test setup
  • Sponsor-wise service mapped with diagnostic tests
  • Diagnostic packages using different tests
  • Billing using lab orders from clinical module
  • Requisition generation from lab order/bill
  • Requisition creation based on facility wise, test wise, sample type wise
  • Sample collection process
  • Interfacing with lab analyzers
  • Results fetching from analyzer data
  • Results recheck process
  • Results authorization
  • Redo process from sample collection
  • Status update
  • Print queue process
  • Access previous lab results based on tests and UHID number
  • Lab reagents and kits inventory management
  • Dashboard for authorization
  • Dashboard for work in progress
  • Analysis dashboard based on parameters and tests
Casualty & Emergency Management System
This module deals in taking care of patients from the time they arrive in the casualty till the time they are transferred to a department in the hospital for further treatment. This module sends alerts to the corresponding departments, captures all the relevant data on patient’s condition at the time of arrival and the course of action undertaken, and in turn helps in the planning the further treatments and procedures.

Salient Features Include:

  • Capturing of whatever basic patient demographic information is available at the time of registration of the casualty and updating the same when fully available
  • Consulting details
  • Clinical follow up scheduling
  • Lab test reports
  • Diagnosis
  • Service orders and bookings
  • Pharmacy/surgical details
  • Statutory forms and reports etc.
Ward and Bed Management
The Ward and bed management module maintains the record of bed occupancy status at all times. It facilitates the estimation of appropriate waiting time for patients and helps in reducing the bed turnover time which is very essential for optimization of revenues. It also provides statistical information regarding the occupancy status of a bed over a period of time.

Salient Features Include:

  • Current bed allocation status overview
  • Monitoring and reducing the bed turnover time
  • Scheduling the housekeeping and maintenance activities
  • Calculation of revenue generated from each type of bed
  • Patient search & select
  • Patient health status monitoring
  • Material requisition for patient’s medical consumable needs to central stores
  • Bed transfer
Materials Management System (Stock, Purchasing and Fixed Asset Module)
This module deals with the purchase and supply of hospital equipment/material/inventory to different departments. Requisitions for different items/equipment are sent to this store from different departments.

Salient Features Include:

  • Masters (generics, drugs, surgical items, categories, sub categories)
  • Supplier management
  • Location management (warehouses, sub stores, departments, stock points, crash carts etc)
  • Preparation of various warehouses for general items, drugs, assets, surgical items
  • Protocols for purchase, stocking, stock tracking and verifications, distribution, sales
  • Today transactions reports
Cashier Module
This module facilitates cashier and billing operations for different Outpatient and Inpatient categories. It provides automatic posting of charges related to different services like bed charges, lab tests conducted, medicines issued, consultant’s fee, food, beverage and telephone charges etc. The system is tuned to capture room and bed charges along with ancillary charges based on the sponsorship category.

Salient Features Include:

  • Payment modes/details
  • Patient billing details
  • Sponsor conversions
  • Part bill generation
  • Multi sponsor billing
  • Multi currency payment
  • User-defined billing cycles
  • Cash collection dashboards
Human Resources Module
This module takes care of the complete working of the human resources management in the hospital from the time candidates apply for a job till the time they resign. It includes a variety of activities like deciding what staffing needs you have, recruiting, training and conforming to various regulations, maintaining shift rotation, and delivering reports on workload on an individual.

Salient Features Include:

  • Interface with biometrics for daily attendance
  • Leave management
  • Duty roster
  • Overtime management
  • Salary, PF, TDS, loans management
  • Pay slip generation through intranet portal
  • Bonus and incentive management
  • Outsource employee management
Statistics and Reporting Module (MIS)
This module provides information to the management to help them take the right decisions. It helps in measuring the performance of each department in the hospital. Data can be mined as per the analysis required.

Salient Features Include:

  • Privilege dashboards for the department heads to monitor and measure performance
  • Top management dashboards
  • Clinical dashboards
  • Facility for exporting the data into various formats like Excel and PDF
  • Department-wise revenue details
  • Quality indicators
  • Easily customizable reports as per the management’s needs
  • Auto-scheduler for generating the reports and sending the reports alerts generation
  • Operational business reporting for work reports
  • Page perfect reports for formatted documents such as delivery notes, accounting documents, etc.
  • Pixel perfect reports for documents such as control panel or data analysis
Additional: RnI Mail Management Module
This module takes care of the complete working of mails circulating in any organization. It helps in tracking the mail chain from incoming to outgoing process containing tracking reports, updated in real time

Salient Features Include:

    • Privilege dashboards for the department heads
    • Top management dashboards
    • incoming mail keep track of
      • receiving
      • screening
      • sorting
      • opening
      • routing
      • controlling
      • and distributing of incoming mail
  • outgoing mail keep track of
      • collecting
      • Preparing
      • Sorting
      • Controlling
      • and dispatching of outgoing mail





Accident & Emergency Software


Since long we have been using the black and white methods and the manually generated spreadsheets to maintain the statistics of Emergency and Trauma patients. But with the incorporation of the Accident and Emergency Software in our hospital, we have become able to automate the data to scroll around all the departments of our hospital.

Akhtar Anwer

Deputy Director (Administration), Jinnah PostGraduate Medical Centre