The state-of-art, SoftCloud ERP software in Pakistan leverages expert features with supreme functionality and utmost performance to manage your entire business.

Cloud ERP Management System

The Business society needed something more than it was getting from the IT sector. And therefore, we stepped in and introduced those chapters that were already there in the market but we gave them a professional shape. We incorporated all those formalities that could raise the standards of doing business.

We are Expert Web Design Company which is even a software development company in Pakistan. Our expertise range from web development and designing to software creation and integration.

We have a series of professional tools and comprehensive enterprise solutions. With our ERP management system in Pakistan, you will initially experience a remarkable improvement in your business operation. And later you will come across incredible ROI which the businesses usually do not expect from an ERP. Well, let’s give an intro to some of our business software in Pakistan:


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Comprehensive Solution for Small Business

Accounting Management

Keep your books clean and accurate with SoftCloud accounting software.

Inventory Management

Automate the inventory process with SoftCloud inventory software.

Human Resourse Management

Enhance the HR performance with SoftCloud HR software.

Point of Sale Software

Sell with confidence using the SoftCloud POS software.

HR Management Software:

Human Resource department plays a vital role in the organization. With the growing industry and human resources, the task for the HR department is evenly increasing. Our HR Management Software is a complete set of arrays that can help HR departments to reduce their fatigue. It is a comprehensive software that allows the submission of new employees, leftover employees, wages and salaries, payroll and benefits. Everything that HR departments had calculated manually could now be done automatically within just a few clicks.

Accounting Management Software:

The accounting is the bloodline of a business. Without an accounting system, it is really quite hard to identify the standing of the business. We have created an accounting management software that complies with all the international accounting standards and the best domestic practices. It provides a complete base for maintaining the accounting records from petty cash to the balance sheet. And at the end of the fiscal session, it helps the accounts department to ascertain the position of the business.

Get a Complete Business & Financial Solution for Small to Medium size Businesses

Inventory Management Software:

It was really hard to manage the inventory in the absence of an IT resource. But thanks to the IT that it introduced a mechanism for the businesses to keep a check on their inventory. Simultaneously, we have introduced the emerging trend for the inventory management system. Keeping a check and balance on the inventory got certainly easy with the introduction of the inventory management software. But our system made it easier as it could even tell alarm about an inventory getting short.

Hotel Management System:

The Expert Web Design Company has created a completely comprehensive Hotel Management System that can help the hotel managers to maintain their operations. It can help them in keeping the record of all the guests and their requirements. Further, it enables them to keep a record of the employees. It helps them manage the shift, track the attendance, maintain the database and assign the duties.


Point of Sales Software:

We have various POS solutions available. And all of them are designed as per the various business types. They help the businessmen keep the track on the performance of their business. Further, there are a number of strategies and plans available through which you would be able to market your products and services successfully. It is a complete system that gives the complete power to the entrepreneur to manage their business easily. While sitting at home you can take care of all the important matters.

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