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Expert Web Design Company Is One Of The Leading Web Hosting Company In Pakistan

We Make Web Hosting Made Easy, Reliable and Affordable in Pakistan.

Expert web Design Company is Pakistan based web hosting company passionately providing reliable and affordable web registration and hosting services. We are situated in Karachi but we are serving all across the Pakistan. In the present age, the global interaction web has improvised the infrastructure of business. When after, interactive and enchanting, websites are built; they need to be hookup for the global perception and generating business. There comes the Web Hosting in play.

Right from the beginning, the Expert Web Design Company is providing its assistance to the business communities of the world. Besides the web development and designing, software development and a number of other services, Expert Web Design Company also offers its services in the chapter of Web Hosting.

Our increased clientele is because of our passionate services. This is what makes us the Expert and one of the best web hosting service in Pakistan.

Choosing a Suitable Domain:

Every business entity requires a suitable domain for it. Some of the plans are chosen on the basis of their cost, while some are preferred on the type of service offered.

We provide the consultation to our clients about the domain and package to be chosen. We try to make it the best, the most suitable and the most beneficial for our clients. As Expert Web Design Company is a client oriented company and sticks to the satisfaction and prosperity of its clients.

That’s how we build strong clientele.

Depth in Servicing:

A number of web hosting companies offer the basic plans to their clients. At times, they even run into the sub directories of the major plans. But that is not the case with Expert Web Design Company.

The company has acquired different major plans for the domain configuration and hosting. They are mainly based on the consumer responses and their satisfaction. The classification of our divided packages includes:

  • Sellers and Resellers domains
  • Plans of Shared hosting
  • Multiple Platform servers; both on Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • Cloud Hosting

Client Testimonial

Web Hosting and Web Design

An elucidative website is all that can define what you are doing. It’s an information age where we are living now. The lining of the horizon forms the medieval coronation of the online appearance. In this chapter, Expert Web Design Company built an intuitive website to enhance our online appearance, which is nevertheless the most remarkable asset for us.

Dr. Naila Tariq

Head of Department (HOD), Basic Medical Science Institute

Client Testimonial

Web Hosting and Web Design


Websites are designed by every next company. But the way Expert Web Design Company has provided us with a website, is really a doctrine of being professional. Not just their web development and designing abilities are excellent, even the way they treat their clients is remarkable. Such a hospitality is really scarce.

Prof. Anisuddin Bhatti

Executive Director, Jinnah Postgraducate Medical Centre

Compliance with the International Standards:

The Expert Web Design Company lets no stone unturned in keeping its clients satisfied. In order to satisfy our clients, we tend to maintain comprehensive standards that make the web hosting an Eden. Despite the self-contained and self-generated standards we even follow the international standards in order to provide the quality services to our clients. Truly we don’t compromise on the quality of our services.

Web Hosting is one of the sensitive IT services. A lot of care is required when hosting a website over a particular domain. Our best practices for web hosting include the compliance with the international standards. We strictly follow:

  • PCI Security Standards in data maintenance
  • SAAE 16 in financial hosting
  • ISO 27001 in securing all that we have and we do

Affordable Services:

Expert Web Designed Company is destined to offer economical and cost reductive services to its consumers. Beside the economical services of development and designing, we even offer affordable web hosting services.

We try to make things easier for our clients, in terms of design and their effect on the wallet. We understand our clients’ needs and design packages as per their needs.

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