The inventory management system is here to protect your business from every stock loss. Drive your business towards prosperity with inventory management software.

Comprehensive Stock Management System

A powerful and intuitive inventory management software can ensure a smooth flow of your warehouse and stockade management. This Inventory Management Software in Pakistan has been worked on since the last decade. And now it has become enough strong to assist you in every matter to manage your stock.

Whether you have to pin up the new prices, have to look up a delivery, need to order something from your vendors or simply just want your racks to look clean, then let this Warehouse Management Software do that all for you. Moreover, it is not just an inventory or stock management software, instead, it is a complete warehouse manager.

A Warehouse Solution for Every Business:

This Warehouse Management Software is created to serve every type and size of business. It works evenly for the restaurants, hotels, retail shops, wholesale dealers and logistic companies. A pretty friendly environment has been scoped in so that it becomes easier to use. While you do not need any huge and massive book to the first study that how to use this Inventory Management Software in Pakistan. Within just a few clicks it can sort out the whole stock for you. Where to put it and which one is getting short would all be displayed.


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Manage your Warehouse through our Inventory Management Software

Inventory / Stock Management

Have a real-time record of the inventory at the warehouse with the stock management system. Track inventory without the hassle of visiting the warehouse.

Sales & Purchase

Maximize your sales and limit the purchases to demand with the inventory control system that lets you track products based on categories.

Accounts Management

Control the warehouse account independently with the stock management software. Also, integration with ERP accumulates the accounts on its own.

The Best Way to Stay Organized:

The stock management software is one of the finest solutions to keep your racks aligned and neat. It does not require any sort of rocket science or a complete course of the stock management to make your racks organized. Instead, the assistive Stock Management Software can help you do everything in no time. Further, it works with a huge list of barcode scanners and the label printers. You do not have to take any a headache for bringing in a suitable version of the barcode scanner to the plugin. Rather the one you already have would do the job. Along with that, there is plenty of storage available with this system. Means you can register a bulk of inventory in this software.

Just Simply Leave Out the Obsolete Methods:

Now you do not need any pencil, pen, paper or the worksheet to keep a record of your stock. The simple and easy Stock Management Software can take in all the data. Further, it keeps the record of the expires, the items getting short and their categories. Ahead of that, it can reach out to your supplier to provide you with the fresh stock. And can even alert them to the stock reaching end of life, so that they may replace it.

Inventory Management Made Easy:

The SoftCloud inventory control system makes the warehouse management a walk in the park. Take a round of practical demo to understand more about this stock management software. SoftCloud is one of the best inventory management software because:
Seamless Performance: SoftCloud smoothly unites your entire warehouse operations into a single software making it easier to manage.
Utmost Architecture: The expertly designed architecture works on every type of network and system, letting the premium performance on ordinary systems.
Cost-Effective: This inventory management system is designed with the business perspective approach that will help in cutting down unnecessary expenses.
Versatile: Sitting in the office, or away from the warehouse, you will never have to worry about it again. As the SoftCloud inventory management software enables you to be in touch with your stock at any time and from anywhere.


Constant Support Available:

You do not have to worry about anything not going your way. If there is something fishy or some function needs an elaboration, our support team would be happy to assist you. A constant support is present here to assist you in any matter you need. Whether you need the technical information or you need some hints about using this software then let us know. We are always here for you.

SoftCloud Inventory Control System Key Features:

Inventory / Stock Management Module
  • Multi Company and Branches
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Item Packing and Measures
  • Stock Taking and Counting
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Colour and Size (apparel matrix)
  • Define Automatic Reorder Points
  • Stock Transfer
  • Barcode Printing and Scanning
  • Multiple Categories and Departments
  • Track Serial Numbers, Batch Numbers
  • Define Currency and Price
  • Security, Logins
  • Vendor / Customer Transaction
  • Drill Down
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Tax Codes

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